Welcome to Spirit of the Seventies

What's the Story?

  • In the beginning...

    Its easy to look back on your formative years and remember them fondly, without the grey bits. We think of the 70s like that - Bazza v Kenny, Hunt v Lauda, Zed Ones v GS Thous. And not just the 70s either - the 80s with Lawson, Spencer and the GPZ were pretty special, and the 90s with Schwantz, Foggy and the Fireblade/916/R1 debate were just as amazing.

    We're Kev Taggart and Tim Rogers, mates who share an obsession for motorcycles. We've owned dozens of modern bikes between us, trying to find that one bike that hit the spot. We couldn't, so instead we designed and built our own, something different, nostalgic, characterful and bespoke. With a little help.

    We then formed Spirit of the Seventies to create classic, stylish custom bikes, with decent performance, for others who share our philosophy. To help other riders create their "forever" bikes and to fill their motorcycle void. For an idea of what we can do for you, take a look at some bikes we've already made... click here

  • The Team...

    We coudn't have got anything roadworthy out of our workshop without the other members of Team Spirit:- Martin, Sam and Chandler...

    Martin, on the right, is our senior mechanic. He has more than 25 years experience behind him, spannering many a road and race bike. He has been mechanically responsible for all of our bikes for the past three years. He is quite simply a legend in his own Levis.

    Sam, in the middle, is Martin's son and has had a solid hand in most of our builds to date. He has been an invaluable team member, engineering some ingenious solutions to our increasingly taxing creative problems. Sam is powered purely by Red Bull.

    Chandler, left, is the newest member of the team, and at 17 is also the newest person. He's a great guy, keen as mustard and is learning fast whilst he continues his studies at college for his mechanics qualifications.