Welcome to Spirit of the Seventies


I’m interested in a Spirit motorcycle

We create and sell pre-built bikes as well as ‘bespoke’ designs. If you like a bike we’ve already built we are happy to make a similar machine, but never an exact copy.


I love my bike, can I use it as the basis of a Spirit project?

Of course (within reason!). We build a wide variety of machines, from classic enduros to café racers, from flat-trackers to classic street-scramblers and B-road scratchers, so we should be able to ‘Spiritualise’ most bikes out there. So. subject to a health check and a certain level of aesthetic compatibility, no problem.


Spannerology/Engineering Integrity

Crew chief Martin Taylor has several decades of road and race bike experience. Have a look at the blog article chronicling the highs and lows of over 30 years of spannering.


How much will a custom bike cost me?

As we make each bike to order there are many factors that will determine the cost of a machine, including the type and cost of the donor bike, the complexity of the build and the spec of the parts used. For instance, do you want bespoke body work or are you happy with off-the-shelf? In carbon fibre or fiberglass? Original forks or modern performance items? Engine work or standard power? The cost of the bike is not only determined by the design but by the customer’s specification.


How does the payment structure work for a commission build?

Once the type and style of custom bike has been discussed, we ask for a holding deposit of £1000 - this guarantees a build slot and also produces the design render of the finished project (this fee will be included in the total build cost). Once the design and build cost has been agreed, we ask for 50% of the total price to be paid, followed by a further 25% approximately halfway through the build. After the build is completed and the bike is road-legal, the final 25% is due.


The deferment of gratification

You wouldn’t want us to rush your bike, rest assured we won’t. It takes time to produce a beautiful, bespoke machine. Depending on the complexity of the project it’s somewhere between 2-6 months.


Is it UK road legal?

All of our bikes come with a full 12 months MOT. It is your responsibility to check if it is road legal in your country. We will obviously help as much as we can but ultimately it’s down to you.


Do you export?

Yes. As well as selling to all EU countries we are happy to export worldwide. Contact us for an idea of shipping costs, taxes etc. that may be applicable.


How about after-sales service?

We positively encourage you to keep in touch with us. We are happy to service all of the bikes that we sell and we can arrange a pick-up and delivery service in the UK (at a pre-arranged cost). We will also be arranging regular ride-outs and get-togethers from our HQ near Brands Hatch. We’ll keep you posted.