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Project 675


Alex came to us recently and threw us a curve-ball. He owns a rather delectable "track-only", T3 prepared, British Supersport-spec Triumph Daytona 675 which he asked us to "put back into road trim, but make it, umm, different." Righto. So we rolled up our sleeves and created a design part-Bol d'Or-part-Moto2 road racer.

The fairing and seat were formed by hand in aluminium with help from Ian Pitney (Pitney Restorations), Skidmarx made the one-off perspex screen, a leather seat pad was carved and stitched together, then the whole lot was covered in lovely matt paint by D-Luck's Paintshop in Brighton.

The bike was rewired and fitted with a keyless ignition system from Motogadget, a low-level 3-into-1 stainless steel exhaust system made, and the bike dynoed for optimum fuelling.

Various other additions such as Oberon indicators and bar-end indicators were added, and the bike fully serviced before having the super-stiff suspension softened for road use. Unique, classic looks with truly modern performance.

(Pictures by Grant Robinson)

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